Last updated: November 4, 2023

PERT Pilot users own their data. PERT Pilot users can stop using the app at any time. To delete your data, delete the app and confirm to delete all data associated with the app. If a user does this and later re-downloads or re-installs the app, it will not have any stored data. An alternative is that users can delete individual meal entries saved within the app, without deleting the rest of their logged meal data.

PERT Pilot does not currently collect any data through the app related to PERT dosing or outcomes and the developer cannot access any user data related to PERT. There is no user login, signup, or any personal information for registration. There is also no data currently collected in the app that is sent, stored, shared, or otherwise accessible outside the user’s device, unless you use the AI meal feature. Then, the meal description is sent to the server for meal estimation and the meal description and macronutrient (fat, protein, carb) estimates are sent to be processed by the server. Starting in November 2023, this macronutrient and meal description data is reviewed in order to gauge the accuracy of the AI model being used, but no identifying information is collected or tied to the macronutrient/meal description data, and no PERT data is sent to the server or reviewed in any way.

There is currently no app usage data generated by the app, although this may change in the future and when so, this will be updated. This would be data such as number of times the app is opened or number of times a particular feature is used within the app. This would be used to improve the functionality of the app.

Note: A future goal is eventually to allow for anonymized data sharing by users (e.g. PERT dosing and meal numbers), but currently that functionality does not exist. If this gets built in, this will be an opt-in feature with full clarity within the app about what data is shared by the user and for what purpose.

Also note: there is no funding for this app. It was built for the community by a person (Dana Lewis) with EPI, who has no financial ties or funding to pharmaceutical companies who treat, manage, or diagnose EPI.

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